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Command Window

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"GeekDrop Props" - Command-line Windows Property Sheet Opener

A simple command-line utility to open the standard Windows Properties sheet by passing the file/folder/drive path to it.

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What Version of NDIS is My Computer Using?

Need to know which version of the NDIS driver is installed on any network card on your computer?

Maybe you're fighting with MiraCast Wink like half the internet is, and have come to realize that one requirement is a WiFi network card that supports at minimum NDIS 6.3?

You've come to the right place (but as a regular GeekDropper, you already knew this, right? ... Tongue ), it's cake, just:

  • Fire up Windows PowerShell: Windows Key + R , type "powershell" , press Enter
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PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

regsvr32 /u C:\filepath\filename.dll when i run this command in DOS whenever i try to get rid of the .DLL file using this command a window pops up and says the .DLL file is not found. How can i get rid of it then if its not found but its inside the C:program files folder????????

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How To Use Regsvr32 To Register Or Unregister Files - (DLL - OCX - Etc)

Manually Registering and UnRegistering Files Using RegSvr32

There are times when you might go to run a program, game, whatever, and you end up just getting an error message, or your might need to manually UNregister DLL's, OCX files, or other helper files. (OCX files are essentially DLL's and work the same exact way).

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The Windows Command Window - What Is It? How Do I Get To It? And How Do I Use it?

The Windows Command Window - What Is It? How Do I Get To It? And How Do I Use it?

Ahh yes, the Windows "Command Window" ... You're already scared ... I can feel it through your shaky fingers resting on the keyboard ...

I know ... it's kind of ugly ... no purty icons to click on, just a black screen, white text and you have to type everything by hand, usually with cryptic "commands". Have no fear ... GeekDrop's here ... or something along those lines ...


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