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For the love of all things Holy, DO NOT delete anything in your WinSXS folder!

Long story short, especially since I'm STILL in the process of restoring my puter over a month later, I kept getting Windows nagging me, saying I was running out of space on my 150 GB, SSD, C: drive, and as I've done counless times before, I used the built-in Windows CleanUp tool (cleanmgr.exe) to clear out any muck and mire laying around, until I came across a (now confirmed as a bug) strange thing showing in it's list of things available to delete ...

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Create a Shortcut to Windows Disk Cleanup

Windows doesn't make finding it's own Cleanup Utility very easy, does it? So your friends here on GeekDrop are going to show you how to quickly create a shortcut to it right on your desktop, which of course can then be moved wherever else you want it, if not on the Desktop. So, here are the steps to Create a Shortcut to Windows Disk Cleanup:

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Can anybody give me some advice please?

My local disk (c:) is nearly full up and I have nothing on my local disk (e:)
How in easy terms can I transfer some of my applications to disk (e:)
I have taken some off of (c:) but it automatically goes back on to (c:) when I try to put it on (e:). It will not give me a choice. I am fairly new to computers so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you. Ian

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How To Do A Disk Cleanup And Defragment in Windows

Note: For Windows 7 instructions see the comments below. It's generally the same, so you can follow the main article with just a couple of small changes.


Since I'm in the process of cleaning up some space on my computer I though I would do a little tutorial on how to do a disk cleanup and defrag your computer while in Vista. It really is quite easy and it can help speed along your computer.


Disk Cleanup

1. Click Start

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