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Android voice app -StartTalking- lets you drive & text

Now, there's a way to text while driving without having to take your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.

AdelaVoice's Android app (it's free), called StartTalking, is voice-controlled. You don't need to open any app or navigate menus.

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Can't Find The App? Make One Now...

Well it was only a matter of time before this came out, a program that will let you create your own apps. Sorry iPhone users this is for Android phones. They tested the app maker with a bunch of kids in school and if they can do it then I'm sure anyone can. No coding is needed they do it all for you, all you do is simply create the look you want and woo la there ya go.

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Apps...What is Free and what isn't

So be it a cell phone, smart phone, PDA or a media table what type of apps are you looking for? How many buy apps out there and what is the most you have ever spent on one?

I thought this was very intresting

57% of Android apps are free -- iPhone apps: only 27%

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ShopSavvy A Price Comparison App

Ok here is a must have app and you can get it for Android phones, iPhones or Blackberrys


It basically compairs prices for you with online prices VS retail shopping. How it works is you basically open up the app and it turns on your camera. You place the camera infront of the UPC scanner bars and it scans it for you. It will then search the internet and let you know what is the cheapest price for that item. Here is a example - I scanned my PogoPlug box

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How To Create An Android Wallpaper

As you know when you buy your Android phone you can change your wallpaper out. Now they come with a few wallpapers to choose from but it your like me then you want your own different one. There are sites that have wallpapers just for androids but you can also use your own photo or find a photo online.


Which cell phone do you have or want?

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A Must Have Android App - Advanced Task Killer

If you have a android cell phone and you actually use it meaning all the features (online, messaging, texting) then you know that your battery life will die really fast. See even if you exit a feature it doesn't mean it stops running in the background. So how do you turn off those apps to save your battery life? Well there is a app for that: Advanced Task Killer (FREE). You can download it in the android market place. I noticed a HUGE difference in my battery life after I started using this.

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Cover Your Sexting Tracks - Send Private Text Messages with this iPhone, iPad, Android & Blackberry App

Private Text Messages? Don't Get Caught Sexting!


Seriously, what's next? Here's an app that will cover your dirty little tracks, the tracks that got Tiger caught. It is currently available for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android cell phones.

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Tablet vs HP Slate vs iPad vs Netbook

Regardless if you call it, a tablet, slate or a pad there are many different features out there. It basically comes down to what are you looking for in one. So I'm curious as to what are you looking for, what do you want?

Well the folks at Gizmodo came out with a guide as to who has what. Here's a comparison chart showing the features of an Apple iPad, HP Slate, JooJoo, Notion Ink Adam, Dell Mini 5 and Archos 7 Android:

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New Android App Makes It Easy To Pirate Music, Movies, Games & Software

Hummm looks intresting and kinda like the one we chatted about in another thread hi-tech piracy tool


Android App Equals Easy BitTorrent Downloads


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