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Wireless Router

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What is the difference between WPA and WEP. Nintendo DS uses WEP while everything else I have is WPA

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Re: Wireless Router

all I knew on the subject was that WPA is a more "modern" version of encryption... so it's more secure than WEP. I did find these articles for you. perhaps someone else knows more about this but, in the meantime, hope they help!


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Re: Wireless Router
Me in Wonderland wrote:

all I knew on the subject was that WPA is a more "modern" version of encryption... so it's more secure than WEP.

Yep your correct - WPA is much more sercure with wireless networks. The way that WEP uses values and keys its more "crackable"

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Re: Wireless Router
I'm not sure, but I know when DoGG help me set mine up he wanted me to use one rather than the other (I think WPA, over WEP)
I'm gonna make sure he checks this thread out. But maybe someone else will be able to help before he signs on.

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Re: Wireless Router
I still have trouble connecting to the internet on my nintendo DS. I forget the error message it tells me. It is able to detect my WiFi at home, but it won't let me play online.
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Re: Wireless Router

Have a look at these pages

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