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Windows Phone 7 leaked, See It Here

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SO it has been really hush hush on the upcoming Windows based OS Windows Phone 7. There really wasn't much out on the specs or who would be the carrier. No information till now....

Microsoft filmed its commercials for the phone, commercials that are not slated to be aired for some time. However they were leaked on the internet by JP Incorporated who did the music for the videos. As you can imagine Microsoft flipped and the videos were pulled, however not before they were downloaded and posted on youtube.

Here is what is known about the phones:

intomobile wrote:

Based upon what we know from other Windows Phone 7 handsets, the Mondrian will have a touchscreen display (possibly 4.3-inch), 1GHz processor, WiFi, Bluetooth, and more. Look for the handset to get official in the upcoming month and land on AT&T in November.

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