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What causes "eye floaters"?

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Randomly I will see what looks like about 20-30 tiny gnats flying around in my vision. It seems like it happens often after a good, full body stretch, but also happens for no apparent reason at all. From what I've read these are called eye floaters but does anyone know what actually triggers the eye floaters?

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Re: What causes "eye floaters"?
rabbethan wrote:

Does anyone know what actually triggers the eye floaters?

I get them too but mine are more like little transparent jellyfish for lack of a better description, and I see them mostly when I'm trying to read something on a white background, like a book, newspaper, printed page, a big painted wall or the sky. Here's a page with the most detailed information I've seen so far about eye floaters, but I don't see it mentioning anything that would cause them to suddenly appear unless you have flashes of light accompanying them, which could be a detached retina. What are eye floaters?

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Re: What causes "eye floaters"?

I sometimes get what looks like a single dark insect on the wall or floor (both have to be light colored) in my peripheral vision, but when I look over at it, there's nothing there. The weird thing is it often happens in the same spot, like the "floater" isn't really "floating" at all, but static. It's kind of annoying to keep thinking I'm seeing an insect when there isn't one there. Is this actually a floater or something else??

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Re: What causes "eye floaters"?

When you experience eye floaters, like the gnats mentioned, are they supposed to happen only in one eye, or both at the same time? it seems like if they're moving in the fluid of an eye it would only show the "bugs" in the one eye if you covered the other eye?

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