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'Time Traveler' Caught on Tape?

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Fox News along with other News services have been showing this video. It shows a lady holding what appears to be a cell phone to her ear and talking into it but the year is 1928.

What do you think? Keep in mind the year is 1928 where this kind of technology wasn't even thought of yet.

Is this "definitive proof of time travel"? What do you think she is holding / talking into? Is this a hoax of some kind just to generate news?

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Re: 'Time Traveler' Caught on Tape?

Interesting ... I have no explanation of what it actually is, but I'm thinking either hoax or it just looks like s/he is talking on one. No person intelligent enough to time travel, or even be involved in time travelling would just openly walk around, with people so close to them, talking outloud into a cell phone. Other people would be staring to say the least, and the person walking in front of her isn't even paying attention. Which brings up the question ... cell phones require cell phone towers, etc., it wouldn't even work, and who would s/he be talking to on the other end of it? Does the cell phone company they used have some record of it? Does the timestamp on it say 1928?

Probably just adjusting her hat while talking or something. Smile

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