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This is spectacular! Random acts of culture. The great Wanamaker Grand Court Organ

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This is spectacular. Random acts of culture. The great Wanamaker Grand Court Organ in what was formerly Wanamaker's Dept. Store, Philadelphia... and is now... who else, Macy's.

They still do mini-concerts daily and weekly on the great court organ. Macy's supports the continued use of this instrument, the most often publicly heard Pipe Organ in the USA, and arguably the world. A national treasure of the first caliber! Recent renovations and additions have resulted in the finest state of conservation and tonal quality ever.

And what better piece to have sung to organ accompaniment than The Hallelujah Chorus? It might be 'old hat' for us, and no doubt some snooty purists will poo-poo this particular performance, but how great to see that they planted the singers amongst the crowds throughout the Grand Court at Macy's (Wanamakers).

Note: the response and respectful attention and delight of the shopping crowd... don't we need MORE of these events?!

Please listen with headphones, earbuds, or a good set of speakers. Click on the Full Screen setting for full appreciation.

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