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The Bedbug problem - a conspiracy?

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Does anyone else think that this sudden bedbugs problem was probably started by exterminators? In a time when the economy is down and money is tight, and with how fast bedbugs are known to multiply, at a cost of $2500+ just to have exterminators come in and clean your house which may only be temporary before they come back again, its a sure way for bug extermination companies to make lots of consistent money! All they have to do is get a few buckets full of bedbugs and let them loose in a few busy hotels.

bedbug bites!!
bedbug bites welts
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Re: The Bedbug problem - a conspiracy?

I think you just made me rich! I might've found a new career! Thumbs Up

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Re: The Bedbug problem - a conspiracy?

It's all part of the end of the world death by bedbugs..

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