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The A.D.D. Party Room

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People claim I have A.D.D.

I personally don't see it.... Ok, maybe that's a lie Liar

I've been known to stop someone mid heartfelt conversation to ask why fat ole geese can fly but little cute penguins can't? (valid question dontcha think?) Then 20 mins later interrupt yet again to ask if flamingos can fly. (for the record they can... imagine that!!)

*shrugs* I saw no problem with this... the other person... um... not so entertained.
Just like real life, I have a tendency to go A.D.D. on threads. Makes them kinda hard to follow for those "normal" folks out there. Soooo.....


This will be our own little party room. Clown I most likely will be spending vast amounts of time in this room! YAY! I Heart it here already.
When the posts begin to take the road less traveled, those comments will be moved into here. We can continue the fun. Don't stop commenting on those A.D.D. moments.... this is where all the fun happens!
Let's all celebrate the joys of A.D.D.!!!


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Re: Mel Gibson and his latest rant NSFW
missb wrote:

Oh yeah DoGGy, I triple arse DARE you to use that line on some chick, I really want to know what kind of response you'll get. ROFL

I'll take that dare ... Wink All I gotta do is turn up the DoGGYSTyLE charm-a-darm-darm, and wear the right cologne. C'mon ... be honest ... if you had half a gallon of booze in ya and I said that to ya, you wouldn't ravage me?

Never play leapfrog with a unicorn
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Re: Mel Gibson and his latest rant NSFW
Laughing somehow, I think no matter how that line was presented to me it wouldn't be taken too well, no matter how much charm-a-darm-darm or cologne was going on.

"..there is nothing that isn't great about you ~~~ A Friend
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Re: K2 The New Fake Pot

you hot

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Re: Face talk to computer

My brother alex.M has an exbox

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