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Stand alone internet

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Ok, so i reallly have no use for a landline phone. I keep one only to keep my internet. Is there a way to get internet without keeping a phone line? I assume I could go with cable, but um... Blushing i barely have that either (too poor) any suggestions?

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Re: Stand alone internet

I recently got a Verizon Wireless USB Modem. It's sooooooooooooooo dependable and small. There is really no installation required and you could use it not just in your home, but on the go if you have a laptop. The downside is that it's pricey. The modem is free, but it's about $50 a month. I think if you are a current Verizon customer or you get a super long contract, it might be less...

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Re: Stand alone internet

I can tell you that my best friend has DSL and no land line - they only use cells. You should call your phone company and check it out. If not what about cable.

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