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New Mommy/Daddy help

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Re: New Mommy/Daddy help

Congrats to those expecting! A few tips that I got that I found useful:
#1 for a baby Boy, when you're about to change diaper make sure you have a washcloth or PeePee Teepee or just something to quickly cover his peepee with or else.
#2 don't let them take a nap with everything silent, keep something going like the laundry machine or a TV in the background...that way if there's a sudden unwelcome noise it'll be less likely to wake them.
#3 when they wake up in the middle of the night just do what they need done but don't talk/make eye contact or else they're really going to wake up.
#4 make it a point to take weekly (at the beginning)/monthly pictures and to whip out the video camera, keep them both charged and ready to go so there are no excuses when something cute is going on. it's so easy to forget and then before you know it a year goes by and you feel like a bad parent...
#5 sleep when baby sleeps
#6 trust your gut. you are the parent.

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