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Myspace Privacy

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Heads up everyone, I just logged into Myspace today to get this popup alert:

Myspace privacy changes alert and information
The thing is, I have 2 accounts; when I logged into the first one, the alert just flashed for a second and was gone all by itself, and no email notice was sent either, so I had no idea what it really said. Then logging into my second account, it stayed up, AND I got a similar email in my inbox from Myspace. I think when changes like this are made, it's a good idea to go over your settings again to make sure everything is just how you want it. I'm not sure why Mysapce decided to take away granular privacy control, while Facebook seems to like making granular privacy control more available ... I suppose to try and gear Myspace more towards complete newbies and kids? Who knows.

Then again, many of the myspace private profile loopholes and exploits took advantage of so many different ways to edit your privacy settings.

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