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How to Unbrick your iPhone

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Louisville, KY
p to the izzle
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Re: How to Unbrick your iPhone

You're welcome and good luck.

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Re: How to Unbrick your iPhone

Any Idea How to Fix a iphone 3g without a sim which i updated and now it says insert a sim without a pin?

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Re: How to Unbrick your iPhone

 i just bricked my iphone 4 trying to restore it to ios 6.0 using redsnow. first of all you cant unbrick a phone you people are talking about dfu mode whick is safe my phone does nothing its stuck at a black screen with backlighting it wont turn on or off. its just stuck thankfully i have full coverage and having a new one overnighted as we speak. ive tryed everything nothing works it just stays at its blank screen taunting me.

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Re: How to Unbrick your iPhone

i need some help with mine, i bought it from my brother in law who haf previously had it jailbroken. only had it an hour and it went to the black screen with the itunes logo and the usb. tried everything, nothing has worked. really need to get it fixed so i wont be wasting money! everything i try my phone says its not supported

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fixing my 3gs
Re: How to Unbrick your iPhone

I have done this and ran also snowbreeze and I get error 3194.  What am I doing wrong?

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Re: How to Unbrick your iPhone

I have a 3GS that was unlocked and jail broken and did a iTunes restore and now get the screen shown. Will not activate with current SIM card. All I want is to make it into an iPod or sell it. Is there any fix or is it hopeless?

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