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How to Hack Facebook, Facekook Apps, Myspace and Myspace Apps

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Who said geeks don't have fun? Well we have lots of goodies (codes and hacks) here to see those things you're not suppose to see. If there is a will, there is a way so let us show you the way on Geekdrop.

On Geekdrop we have two different areas. We have some goodies in the open forums but most of the goodies are in our Premie area. So why in the Premie area? Well basically we would like our codes or hacks to last. If they are posted in the open they tend to go away faster. Yes the Premie area is a paid area but its worth every dime and basically its less the the cost of a cup of coffee every month. So here are some of the goodies you can find here on GeekDrop.

Goodies you can find here on GeekDrop
Facebook Goodies (open area)

Facebook Goodies (Premium Membership)

Myspace Goodies (Open Area)

Myspace Goodies (Premium Membership)

So you want the premium goodies but you simply can't afford it? Well you can earn the membership for free - read about it more HERE.

***Now from time to time codes die - we have no control over that. Joining GeekDrop we can not guarantee that all of these codes still work. However codes and hacks come and go - what dies today will be followed by another find Big Grin

Make sure you check out our other myspace/facebook goodies (the non codes or goodies):

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