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How To Change The Default Screenshot Location on a Mac

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When you do the basic Screenshot Command on a Mac the default location for the Screenshot to be saved is your desktop then you have to find them and put them into a Folder.

Well not anymore, by using a simple Terminal Command all your Screenshots can be placed into a Folder of your choice.

  • First make a Folder on your Desktop or where ever you want to keep your Screenshot Folder, naming the Folder whatever you would like.
  • Open your Terminal Window. Your Terminal can be found in Applications/Utilities on your Mac or found by going to the top right hand corner of your Screen and doing a search in Spotlight.
  • Copy this defaults write location
  • Now Paste what you have copied into the Open Terminal Window
  • Next Drag into the Open Terminal Window the Folder that you made to keep your Screenshots
  • Once you have dragged your Folder into the Open Terminal Window you will see in Terminal a command line similar to this one - defaults write location/Users/U2/Pictures/Screenshots
  • This part of the Command line will be the same for everyone defaults write location
  • This part of the Command line will be different for everyone as it identifies the location of your Folder on your computer and the User name etc. /Users/U2/Pictures/Screenshots
  • Now hit the Return on your Keyboard
  • Close the Terminal Window
  • Immediately restart your Computer
  • Once you log back onto your Computer all your Screenshots should go directly to that new Folder that you just made!
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