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Google Contacts won't Sync on my Android? - SOLVED

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Re: Google Contacts won't Sync on my Android? - SOLVED

. Just go Settings > Account > Google and toggle the Contacts Sync switch to on. Here is another tutorial to backup contacts android

Re: Google Contacts won't Sync on my Android? - SOLVED

Visit my YouTube guide for step by step guide

  • step I: add your email
  • Step 2: turn off WiFi or mobile data
  • Step 3:restart
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Lazaros Tsavdaridis
Re: Google Contacts won't Sync on my Android? - SOLVED

OK i have ??? a solution.
The problem is depended on phone's ram. If you have 1gb ram, then each of your contact must not have more than 100 contacts. I splited contacts with many numbers to 2 or 3 parts, with less of 100 numbers each, and now sync is working fine.

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Re: Google Contacts won't Sync on my Android? - SOLVED

Interesting! Thanks for sharing that, Lazaros. Thumbs Up

Shhh.. dont tell anyone, but we also have a private forum area with the really good stuff, see?

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