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So what are groups and why do we have them? Well they are a smaller area that you can get together with others that have the same thing in common. One example would be the MOM's Group if you're not a parent or you're not around kids then you probably would not be intrested in this group. However, if you're a mom or around kids then you might be intrested in it.

So what groups do we have here on Geekdrop? Well you can see them here: Geekdrop Groups Directory If you see a group you would like to join then join. You can also see at the top of everyones post what groups they belong to

You can also click on a group from their list. Now if you don't find a group you are interested in then go ahead and start a new one. Starting a group is easy to do. On the right hand side under the shout box you will see this:

Now once you start a group you will have to find a name for the group, a brief description of the group and then the groups mission statement:

once you do that then you will need to decide what type of group you want. Do you want your groups membership to be public or private invite only or something in between:

once you start it then you will want to do a thread in that group. See a mission statement is just that - info on the group and CAN NOT have comments on it. So start a new group thread so that you and others can comment on. To start a new post simply look to the left and you will see group info:

That is where you can "create group post" (group thread) or invite others to join your group.

Now once your group gets going if you get 100+ comments in your group you can earn this little badge

Any group questions - ask way Big Grin

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