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Free Godfather Points in Mafia Wars

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Click this picture and you will get you 5 free godfather points in Mafia Wars on Facebook. It's been tried and tested and its real. Big Grin

Don't forget to visit WEEKLY to get your points! Simply click the picture above and collect your points, its that simple.

If you found this helpful and your not a member of Geekdrop then you should join. Its FREE to join and when we find new Mafia Wars tricks you will find out first. Don't forget to check out out other Mafia Wars tips.

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Re: Free Godfather Points in Mafia Wars

Great thread missb! I love when all you have to do is click to get rewards! Nice find!!!

Re: Free Godfather Points in Mafia Wars

This offer is no longer valid. Check the fan page often for more chances to win. Sad

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