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Finding out if someone still has an account on Facebook

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someone I know has supposedly closed their facebook account but I can still click on the name they used in the drop down search.It says page not found, but if it is closed then how can I still type in the name and it comes up for me to click on? I've also tried doing it from a different account to the one i normally use but its always the same.The person involved doesn't know I have another account in a different name but still I can't click to get on to their page.Any ideas please?

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Re: Finding out if someone still has an account on Facebook

Hi Tianne!

First of welcome to GeekDrop, I'm sure you'll love it here and finds all kinds of useful tricks and info. Big Hug

It is kind of odd that you can still see their name in a drop down search which makes me think that their profile isn't deleted, it might just be deactivated, or even sometimes for unknown reasons Facebook drops friends off of your friends list temporarily and when this happens you'll get that "Page not found" page if you try to go to their page. We have a few other good threads on helping to find out what's going on, let me know if any of these helped you:

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