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F2 Editing Button Not Working - Excel

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Re: F2 Editing Button Not Working - Excel


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Re: F2 Editing Button Not Working - Excel

Thanks. On my Logitech the F-key is labelled as 'F mode'.

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Re: F2 Editing Button Not Working - Excel

Thank you SO MUCH. I got a new keyboard at work, and it stopped working. It has been driving me crazy. I looked a couple times on line and couldn't find a solution. I explored every tab imaginable in the program to fix, with no luck. On a whim, i looked again today & found this post, and sure enough - i have an F lock key!!! Problem solved, it is going to be a great day.

Thank you so much.

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Re: F2 Editing Button Not Working - Excel

Sending SOO many warm fuzzies to you!!

I had NO idea there was an F Lock key and it's right aboce my backspace... I must have hit it when I was furiously deleting things :-)

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