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Ewww...Grandma and Grandson Getting It On Sexually And Having A Baby

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Ok yeah they subject is just as it sounds. As nasty as that is 72 yr old Pearl Carter is in fact in love with her 26 yr old grandson Phil. Not just the love a grandma has for a grandson but full blown deep in love and having SEX! OMG how gross is that grandma is doing the grandson! Yes they have admitted to having sexual relations (three times week).

Oh wait if that is not bad enough and you're not puking they want to have a baby together. OK not some one eyed freak baby since they are related and obviously because of her age she isn't having the baby but they are going to use a surrogate mother (with Phil's sperm).

Pearl gave up Phil's mom as a baby and only met Phil in 2006. Because she was never apart of his life they don't see anything wrong with this.

I'm sorry but there is something seriously wrong with this story but its a true one. Now excuse me as I go puke. Who the hell looks at grandma and thinks "I'll do her", NASTY!

I dunno maybe she has dentures and he keeps her around so she can take out her teeth. Ewwwww...

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Re: Ewww...Grandma and Grandson Getting It On Sexually And ...

That is just disgusting!!!!!!!!!!! Laughing at the dentures comment

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