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Cover Your Sexting Tracks - Send Private Text Messages with this iPhone, iPad, Android & Blackberry App

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Private Text Messages? Don't Get Caught Sexting!


Seriously, what's next? Here's an app that will cover your dirty little tracks, the tracks that got Tiger caught. It is currently available for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android cell phones.

If you want to cheat on your sig other, help someone else cheat on their sig other, BE the person someone with a sig other is cheating with, sext with a booty call, or a potential one, or just plain do anything else shady, you can use this app to send private text messages that will auto delete themselves either after the person reads it or after a set amount of time. Perfect for Tiger-types!


For all you Tiger Woods wannabes, there is finally "TigerText". The newest Apple iPhone app, pun very much intended, deletes text messages that you may regret ever sending or you may regret anyone else ever seeing. If you happen to be a drunk texter or a cheater you may want to invest in the TigerText app. It's free for the first 100 messages in 15 days and it's only 1.49 per 250 messages sent per month. Once you have it downloaded and sign up for an account, it connects to your phone and you'll be protected right away.

Clicky for more on this.

Send private text messages


Set a timer to delete your sent text messages


Like ol' Tiger is showing ya above, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start texting pics of yourself naked! Laughing

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Re: Tiger Text - Cover Your Tracks

Love it! Now they need one for drunk dialers - oh forget it I love drunk dialers (unless its 3am) since you can get lots of info from them drunk.

Re: Tiger Text - Cover Your Tracks

Laughing everyone loves drunk dialers/texters except the dialers themselves!!

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