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Anyone Else Been Hit With the Android "Delete All Text / MMS Messages" Bug?

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So I get a new text msg and see the indicator in the statusbar and on the Messages icon, click it, and see nothing but a white screen where the message is supposed to be. I back out of it and notice ALL of my text messages are completely gone, including any pictures, videos that were sent to me.

So as a test, I send myself a text message, and I see it as soon as it's sent, but not actually in the list of incoming messages, still a blank screen. I reboot my phone, and the messages system is working normal again, however, all messages appear to be permanently erased. OMFG Dude! Grrrr!

I had already had the option unchecked in the settings to auto-prune messages when they get to a certain number, so that's not it. After some Googlage it appears to be a very common bug in Android v2.2. Alot of people were blaming it on HTC but it looks like it's with Android itself.

I'm wondering how many people this has actually happened to, and if they've figured out a way to raise their Texts / MMS messages back from the dead?

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