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Windows Update

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Windows Update Removed All of My Junction Links!

Someone please tell me if I'm going crazy here.......... I'm pretty sure the latest Windows Update removed ALL of my junction links but not 100% positive !!! Has this happened to anyone else? I'm using Windows 10. The last Windows Update seems to have been some kind of full upgrade instead of just the usual patches, because just like when you do a upgrade it left behind the "Windows.old" folder with the previous version of Windows in it. I think I the process of "upgrading" itself it also took it upon itself to remove all of my previous junctions ! errrrrgh!!!!! Angry

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Windows 7 SP1 and KB971033? Is it included in the update?

I just noticed that SP1 is available now in Windows Update for Windows 7. Is the KB971033 patch included in the update?? Anyone know?

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KB971033 - Are you running a legit copy of Windows 7? Be careful on your next windows update

Critic wrote:

Windows 7 users should block KB971033, now arriving via Windows Update (see what to look for, below)


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