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How To Remove The E-Greetings Toolbar (And Is It Spyware?)

First things first, even though you may have accidentally installed the E-Greetings Toolbar, it's not Spyware, or MalwareMalwarebytes Anti-virus / Anti-malware of any kind. For more detailed information on the E-Greetings Toolbar, be sure to read their FAQ about it Here.

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Want to delete .dll files..any ideas how to do that ??

Hi guys,

Day before yesterday, I made the mistake of allowing e-greetings to install a stupid toolbar on my computer so I could send an ecard to my friends & relatives but it shows pop-ups as some new e-cards launched by them.. so I was trying to erase the .dll files associated with this possible..u guys know how to do it..??

i appreciate any advice.

Thanks Smile


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