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Phrozen Crew

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Phrozen Crew Memorabilia - Share any that you have that isn't already here

As the title says, we want GD to be the place for all things Phrozen Crew. If you have any good stuff from PC that you haven't already seen here, post it! Call Me

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Original Phrozen Crew Interview with ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN

A little background on this interview: LunaTech Software (which no longer exists afaik) had written down an interview with questions they wanted asked and emailed it to Nitallica (another PC member, who was sort of our "Public Correspondant" and Graphics Artist at the time), who then forwarded it to me, asking me to do it, which I did, and then returned the finished interview to Nitallica who passed it back to LunaTech Software. It was conducted somewhere around 1999 if memory serves.
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Save the Phrozen Crew Wikipedia Page!

Phrozen Crew on Wikipedia
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How Many PC Members?

Is there many phrozen crew members on here?


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Google leads me in the strangest places ...

I was surfing through some Google results and by way of a couple of odd links, found my way to this forum. I recognized a few names and thought I'd pop in and say "Howdy!" to SDC and other PC kinfolk from back in the day. Wave

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Phrozen Crew Member Logos By DaVinci

A mash-up of some of the Phrozen Crew (PC) members' logos created by DaVinci, PC's graphics artist. Some of you may recognize and/or remember these logo's and members. Smile

Phroze Crew Member Logos By DaVinci
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"Wasting Hackers' Time to Keep Websites Safe" - Hacker article on the MIT website mentioning our own STaRDoGG!

My Google Alerts sent me an alert today about an article on the MIT website where a commenter points out that the "new" software they're developing uses a concept by GeekDrop's / Phrozen Crew's own STaRDoGG ChaMPioN 13 years earlier.

David Koretz, CEO of Mykonos in MIT article wrote:

"If you break in, I want to have fun with you". Koretz claims that the computer security industry is too timid - he advocates making hackers' lives tedious and difficult instead.

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Phrozen Crew - DaVinci Tutorial 5 - Gold Text Using Photoshop


Phrozen Crew - DaVinci Tutorial 5 - Gold Text Using Photoshop

Here's DaVinci's original Gold Text tutorial, again only slightly formatted for viewing on GeekDrop.

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Phrozen Crew - DaVinci Tutorial 6 - 3D Text Using Photoshop


Phrozen Crew - DaVinci Tutorial 6 - 3D Text Using Photoshop - Another Cool Text Effect Without Plugins

Here's Photoshop tutorial #6 by Phrozen Crew's DaVinci, legendary graphics artist in the scene notable for his own easily identifiable, but unique style, and attention to detail. Often copied, often having his work hacked to pieces by others' claiming it to be their own work. This is DaVinci's original tutorial, only slightly formatted to work within GeekDrop.



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Collecting all PC STuff ;) SDC

Ok so i didnt find a "hey Im new" area. SO I figured to post here : )

Im a huge...H..U..G..E Phrozen Crew fan, former member in the day (TesTer )..... Now I spend my days collecting all the Old PC images, releases, and what not.. in hopes to releases a dvd... LONG STORY SHORT TUC did a release all..but now its dead Sad   

was loaded on H33t



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