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How to Temporarily Hide Those Annoying Red and Green Squiggly Lines in MSWord (Microsoft Word)?

Does anyone know how to temporarily hide those SpellCheck (red) and Grammar Check (green) squiggly underlines in Microsoft Word? I like them to be there most of the time, but sometimes they just annoy me and I want them off for a short time. It's too much of a pain in the a$$ to go all the way into the settings and tick the options to turn those off and then go back in and tick them back on, just for temporary toggling. It'd be great if there was a button or keyboard shortcut to toggle them on and off, but I can't find anything to do that?

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Error 1316 - [Solution] - The specified account already exists.

"Error 1316. The specified account already exists."


Are you getting this error? Probably during the uninstallation of a piece of Adobe software, right?

"Error 1316. The specified account already exists." - Solution Screenshot
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IIS HTTP Error 503 - [Solution]


Recently I was (re)setting up IIS from scratch on my development machine and kept getting HTTP Error 503 whenever I would try to load up a local web page.

For reference, in my case it's IIS version 8.5, running on Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64-Bit, but that really shouldn't matter.

Looking in the Windows Event Viewer shows:

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A Special Security Alert from Microsoft

While there are security alerts almost every day, we feel that this particular matter should come to your attention. Microsoft has issued a temporary fix for the problem until they can have a full update. This fix may or may not apply to your computer. 

Please read carefully the information we're sharing below.


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Protect Your Microsoft Key On Your Laptop

Yesterday when I got home from work my son told me his travel laptop was acting funny. Needless to say I took a look at it and there was no question it needed to be reformatted. It wasn't a big deal because he really didn't have much saved on it. So I flipped the laptop over to write down the Microsoft product key and I found this:

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How Do I add the "Save As" button to the menu bar in Word 2007

im still working my way around MS 2007, i have noticed that there is no "save as" button on the menu bar and it's getting old having to hit, office button, then save as, is there a way to add the save as button to the menu bar?

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Researchers warn of likely attacks against Windows, PowerPoint

This article is property of Computer World Magazine and its writers. Article can also be found at Some of the bugs Microsoft patched today will be exploited by hackers almost immediately, security researchers predicted. Microsoft's massive update -- a record-tying 13 separate security bulletins that patched 26 vulnerabilities -- gives attackers all kinds of ways to compromise machines and hijack PCs.


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