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FaceBook Trackers

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How do i see who viewed my facebook Ive been everyway tryna figure this out

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Facebook tracker for macs

Does Anyone know if there is a Facebook tracker that can be used on a Mac? thanks

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Facebook Tracker - By Facebook? The Tracker May Already Exist ... (List of 10 Friends)

A Facebook Tracker BY Facebook, to see who views your profile? - The list of 10 Facebook friends

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Is there a way I can see who views my Facebook page?

I want to be able to see which visitors from my friends list are looking at my facebook profile, how can I see who views my page?

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Facebook Tracker - Profile Watcher V2.1 - eProView

Another False FaceBook Tracker

The latest one to crop up is one called "Profile Watcher V2.1e". It makes claims of "100% working method", "See who viewed your profile", "this facebook tracker actually works", "Now you can really see who viewed your profile", and so on.

As you can see by the screenshots, of a facebook user who tried it out, in her own words highlighted below, it "doesn't work".

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Free facebook profile tracker that works!

Working Facebook Profile Tracker


This is easy to do just read ALL of the instructions because you have to make some changes to the tracker to make it work!

  • Head over to and sign up for a free tracker. Mixmap is the tracker that you will be placing on your facebook profile.
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